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I Gotchu, Boo

Serial Erotic Paranormal Novellas
Ongoing Series

Follow the adventures of erotica writer Meg & engineering student Karl as they fall deeper in love while also falling deeper into their fetish for fucking ghosts.

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Naughty's So Nice

Standalone Erotic Christmas Novellas

Every year I'll add a new story to this series of batshit, over-the-top paranormal/fantasy Christmas stories.

Sacrified to Monster Gods

Interconnected Standalone Paranormal Romance Novella Series

In the middle of downtown LA, there's a costume shop. And in the basement of that costume shop is the portal to a monster god prison. One woman takes on the task of finding True Offerings for each of the gods to prevent them from destroying the world.

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Enthralled by Shadows (free prequel)
Enthralled by Death || Enflamed by Fire
Ensnared by Dreams & Terrors || Entrapped by Mythos
Engulfed by Anguish || Enticed by Excess (March)
Endangered by Toxins (April) || Enchanted by Lies (May)
Encapsulated by Time (June) || Enamoured by War (July)
Entangled by Fate (August) || Entraptured by Chaos (September)
Ended by Shadow & Fear (October)


Mated to the Xirashi

Interconnected Standalone Alien Romance
Completed Novella Series

These books are part of a shared universe collaboration with Kyra Keys, Kaylee Pike, Kiki Moon, Lola Blix

Regency Alien Planet

Interconnected Standalone Alien Romance

Ongoing Novella Series

What else are you going to do when stuck on an alien planet, told by the aliens that they want to mate with you, and given free reign over how you'll be wooed? Making sure you get courted and railed as good as they do in Bridgerton wasn't your first answer? Well, it's Valerie's, and she's dragging everyone else with her.

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Ardently Abducted
Silly Human Wife (out soon)

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