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Alien Love Encounters

sci-fi alien Holiday romance novellas. 

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Valentine's Day

She knows they’re out there, real-life aliens that walk among us. She just hasn’t found one yet. Or maybe she hasn’t found the one for her... Valentine’s Day gets an intergalactic twist when these heroines get a close encounter of the romantic kind.


by Lola Blix

Out January 13, 2024

My heart, and other parts, have never felt like this before.

I don’t care about Valentine’s Day, I have a much more important goal: to meet up with my chatroom friends and witness an alien landing. It would be even better if we could make contact with one of them. Deep contact preferably. Keep it together, Jen, focus on the mission.

Please don't judge. I really am interested in learning about extra-terrestrial life and would love the chance to teach them about humanity. I can't help it if my mind wanders south every time I imagine meeting an alien or two. Also, I think I would make an awesome ambassador for humankind. I'd be sure to give them a welcome they wouldn't forget.

It’s getting late and my friends haven’t showed up yet. What on earth could be delaying them? I'll just have to press forward and see if I can arrange an encounter on my own.


by Mia Odette & Katrina S. Karter

Out January 17, 2024

Ava Lima
Ava, an astrophysicist with an insatiable curiosity, stumbles upon a cosmic anomaly that defies explanation. Little does she know that her discovery will unravel the fabric of her reality. Drawn into the Lumarian world of Celestial Nexus, she finds herself at the heart of an interstellar battle between humans and Lumarians. As she falls for grumpy alien with scars, she becomes a beacon of hope in a celestial conflict that threatens to shatter the harmony they've built. Can she bridge the gap between two worlds and unlock the key to everlasting unity?

Cyprian Khalil
Cyprian, a cantankerous Lumarian struggling with the death of his fated mate, witnesses Ava’s arrival with a mixture of anger and trepidation. Her presence disrupts the delicate balance of Celestial Nexus, and Cyprian, an Lumarian assassin, bound by duty, must annihilate all threats. As Lumarians and humans unite against a common foe, he discovers his fated mate in the most unlikely place. Will he overcome his scars from the past, or will the fate of Celestial Nexus be forever altered?


by Alina Riley

Out January 15, 2024

Today is the day I will find an alien and prove everyone wrong. Except... Am I the one finding him? Or is he the one finding me?
Valentine's Day is for those love doves. I'm going to do something more meaningful. These aliens have been evading me despite my efforts to research them. I know they exist, but no one believes me. That's going to end soon.
When I run into the forest to search for them I end up in the arms of a muscular red alien's arms... Well, I guess I'm right after all. But... What does he want from me? Do I get to explore him?


by SR Griffith

Out January 18, 2024

Aliens Exist.

No. I’m not crazy.
Now, I have tickets to the best alien con in the state just in time for Valentine’s Day. My mission: nab me an alien for extracurricular activities. Until it all goes wrong when I touch a weird substance dripping of this red hot alien I’ve been flirting with.
Something is changing inside me.
I need him.

Will I survive this heat rising in my skin?


My tail flicked and now it’s dripping for it’s mate. I can’t mate a human in the middle of this UFO convention. I’m here to sell books, not a mate!

Until she touches the venom and now she’s hungry for carnal pleasures. She’s not my mate though. No way. She’s only human— a deliciously curvy and alluring human.

Will I get her the antidote in time before she gets stabbed into my heart?


by Astrid Eliasen

Out January 16, 2024

Queen of dama. Queen of his heart.

From pro athlete with the best hands in the galaxy to mechanic at the edge of the galaxy, Kulfirth's life is in a downward spiral. So when his mentor mentions a queen from her home planet who needs assistance, he jumps at the chance to save her and her Kingdom of Drama.
But when he lands on Earth, things are not what he expected.
The queen is his fated mate, and her emergency is her evil ex.

Cheated on and dumped, Bridget's hit an all-time low. As if that wasn't enough, her evil ex is now coming for her job as the internet's favorite fashionista.
The only people she can count on are across the galaxy with their alien "mates". But when she calls them for help, someone else shows up.
Can she and her scorching hot alien fool the internet into thinking they're a couple? And will that be enough to save her career?
With tempting disguises and social media all a buzz Bridget soon finds their Valentine's plans spiraling out of control. But maybe that's how it should be.


by Deiri Di

Out January 19, 2024

The letter read: Please accept this scoundral as your roommate.

Along with the misspelling, it was filled with glitter.


I’ve inherited a house I can’t afford to keep.

The property taxes alone are more than my yearly income was… if my job hadn’t just quiet fired me that is. Luckily there is an eight foot tall oddly dressed hunk adorning my front doorstep, bearing an unlimited expense account, ready to become my roommate, and he comes bearing a letter of introduction.

A glittery letter of introduction.

The only other problem is he is an alien.

Who is here to set up a dating agency.

And the only Valentine he wants… is me.


I am a cunning linguist.

It’s why I got the mission to come to the planet my Empire has newly acquired and set up a dating agency. I, like many others, have tried and failed to find a mate who can awaken my osae and we’ve recently found out that hoomons are compatible.

I get to this planet to begin my work and what do you know, I’ve found her right off the bat.

Now all I have to do is convince her that I am the right mate for her.

Lucky for me, her species has a holiday that is all about that.


by Latrexa Nova

Out January 20, 2024

I’m dying to prove aliens are real, but he wants me to keep his secret.

Are you kidding me, though? He’s like eight feet tall and bright pink! And everyone’s just pretending like that’s normal? You’re telling me a pair of cheap sunglasses is enough to blend in? Too-cool-for-school Clark Kent has entered the chat.

Only thing is—I get so busy trying to get everyone to see it that I almost die. Or I do die. But then Clark brings be back to life. He literally makes my heart beat, and I can’t stop myself from feeling a kind of way about him anymore as sparks fly.

When my heart surgeon ex propositions me for some “no-strings attached” business, I take the excuse to drag my new alien friend to the Valentine’s Day Gala as a date to send the message that I’m not interested.

But maybe I am interested in discovering more about what makes this alien’s heart tick.


It’s Halloween night, the perfect cover for an alien invasion. But what if these hot alien men aren't here too conquer earth? Whatever their plans, a group of plucky heroines will uncover truth. Heaven knows they're ready to shed some inhibitions and maybe even fall in love. That would be the ultimate Halloween treat.

A Trick to Live Wires
A Treat for Her Mates
A Treat for Stolen hearts

by Latrexa Nova

Out October 1, 2023

It’s my job to make sure the town’s spookytime celebrations go off without a hitch, and I don't need any distractions.

Especially none in the form of an otherworldy, mysterious stranger who just might be an alien.

His meteoric gaze makes me hot all over, but he's standoffish and cold. With each odd emergency he's there in a heartbeat and gone in a flash. 

I'm determined to find out what's underneath his old timey cowboy facade, rip that duster off of him and see the man underneath. I bet his body is out of this world.

by Lola Blix

Out October 2, 2023

When my friend told me she was sending a Halloween treat, I never dreamed it would be them.

Technically, these two hot guys are here to deliver a gift, but they’re more delicious than any sweet I’ve ever had. Huge, ripped, and painted blue. Since it’s Halloween, it’s not as weird as it sounds, right? Except they’re suspiciously out of touch with the modern world. Like they’re from somewhere far, far away. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Aliens aren’t real, but somehow these guys make it feel like my alien abduction fantasies aren’t so ridiculous. Maybe they have similar fantasies of their own. I’m not sure how to ask without stripping down and offering myself to them. Now that would be a treat, wouldn’t it?

by Alina Riley

Out October 3, 2023

I'm done trusting any man, but an alien?
I'm going to be fine without going to a party for Halloween, but my roommate refuses to listen to me and makes me look like a pumpkin for it. Worse, there is a hulky and handsome man who also pretends to be one. Even worse, he wants to talk to me. Among all the other people he can talk to, he comes looking for me.
He lights a fire in me like no other. He is taller than every other person I've met and stronger than them, but it's Halloween, so that's probably normal?

But when he takes me in his arms and to his place, maybe the orange on him isn't part of the costume...

A Treat for the Pirate

by S. R. Griffith

Out October 4, 2023

He says he’s a pirate but there’s no way a man feels like he does.

Work sucks.

My boss left me in charge of the entire company fall festival and everything is going wrong. It gets worse when there are rumors about a set of pirates at a ship in the middle of the forest! This was not in the contract!

Except it’s weirder than potential creeps in the forest. One pirate stands out with his constant presence and bad pirate speak. silver with sharp teeth and green eyes. He’s nice, sexy and he keeps trying to help me. His skin doesn’t feel like body paint. He thinks this whole event is a holy event!. While I educate him on the basic fall festival, He’s helping me keep this fall festival afloat. The more he follows me around, the more I am sure he is not human at all. I can’t turn away from the feelings developing inside.

Can I survive this fall festival with my heart intact?

A Trick to Love By

by Astrid Eliasen

Out October 6, 2023

This faded mate has the wrong woman.

Visiting an uncontacted planet to find his fated mate is unconventional, but he's spent years, traveled galaxies, searching with no luck. So when a friend suggests a contact on Earth, he goes. It doesn't take long for him to find the woman he's looking for. She's perfect. But how can he tell her that the green skin and horns are not embellishments put on to celebrate the high holy day of Halloween?

Taking her sister's place at the Halloween party should have been a piece of cake. Snap a few pictures. Don't punch her sister's evil ex. Easy. But when a hot guy shows up in an alien costume claiming to be her sister's fated mate things go sideways. He's got the wrong woman, but Rachel might be falling in love.

April Fools

It's April Fool's Day, and these ladies have had it with all the pranks. So it's no wonder they don't believe that aliens have landed on Earth. Maybe smooching an alien is a weird way to call a bluff, but it sure makes for an interesting alien encounter. This book is part of a multi-author collaboration celebrating mistaken identities and first-contact alien romance.

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